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124 Thomas Street, Fort Gaines, GA, 39851 

Tel: (229) 768 2505  fax: (229) 768 3471

Clay County believes that there is a need to establish minimum standards governing the use, occupancy, condition and maintenance of property, dwellings, buildings, and structures. If left completely unregulated, the failure to properly maintain property can become a threat to public safety and a detriment to property values.

Code enforcement and compliance is primarily the responsibility of the Clay County Enforcer and the Clay County Sheriff's Office. These officers are charged with enforcing the various county ordinances related to property maintenance such as junk cars, litter and trash, outdoor storage. Besides finding the problems themselves, the officers follow up on problems identified and referred by the public.

While many of the code enforcement issues may seem small, they have a tendency to grow and multiply when not dealt with. When that happens, they become a neighborhood issue and can give the impression that nobody cares about the neighborhood or the condition of the properties. The next thing you know, property values are being affected, criminal activity begins to appear or increase and the quality of life declines.

When problems are identified, the person(s) responsible are issued a Code Enforcement Warning Notice describing the specific violation(s), the corrective action required and a time limit for completion. In most cases, the responsible parties correct the problems as requested. When problems are not corrected, citations requiring an appearance in magistrate court are issued. For most violations, the ordinances specify that each day a violation exists constitutes a separate offense. This means that the failure to take corrective action in a timely manner may result in multiple citations to court.Common Problems or ViolationsJunk vehiclesTrash, litter and debrisOutdoor storageUn-permitted constructionImproper Licensing or Permitting

Junk vehiclesTrash, litter and debrisOutdoor storageUn-permitted constructionImproper Licensing or Permitting

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