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228 West Lamer Street, Americus, GA, 31709

tel: (877) 819 6348


The overall goals of the RVRC are:

  • To prepare regional plans to meet the requirements of Coordinated Planning Legislation and program/infrastructure needs for the 16-county region and member local governments.

  • To achieve a diversified, well-balanced economy for the region with ample job opportunities for our citizens.

  • To assure a high quality education and educational opportunities to satisfy the needs, desire, aspirations, and potential of all our citizens.

  • To conserve and protect natural resources vital to future development and quality of life for citizens of the region.

  • To provide minimum levels of community infrastructure sufficient to provide job opportunities, basic educational enrichment, and quality lifestyles for area citizens in balance with natural resource systems.

The mission of the River Valley Regional Commission (RVRC) is to support local governments in the 16 counties and the cities within our region to plan and develop the economic opportunities and infrastructure necessary to attain and maintain the highest living standard and quality of life for residents of the region.

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